FixaPhone is a company that is like Fixa Computer Technologies from SamJoe404's universe, except they repair smartphones, phablets, etc. They are the reason that the Galaxy Note 7 is still on sale, though they make it last shorter than before by cutting back on the amount if lithium pouches to fit with the case. This is how they rebrand the item to become the FixaPhone Stylie 7. So far, the company makes it way easier to watch your pornography safely just so you can put NSFW roleplays above your friends and family because it's the most important thing in the world. If you're retarded enough to buy this shitty ass fucking product, then choke a fat cock you absolute waste of sperm. Also it is worth mentioning that Toadlover's family has a history of pole dancing in the strip club since they fuck for bricks so they can build a whorehouse for the whole family.

Always remember kids, don't buy this shitty ass product, in fact if you believe that it actually exists then it's pretty convincing you were dropped on your head 4 times as a 3 year old.

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